This rhyme arose as a by-product of a heated argument with one of my friends regarding reservations. You know, the 27% res. of OBC’s in higher educational institutions….blablabla…

He furiously stated that it was dashed unfair to give the minority such a majority in the colleges….that it reduces our chances…etc. You’ve been told the whole thing ad nauseum by the media.
I politely (loudness slightly higher than 150 db) pointed out that-
1)27% is not a majority.
2)27% reservation could be quite justified if one took into account the fact that OBC’s constituted 52% (see ‘Mandal Commission’ in Wikipedia) of our population, which IS a majority.
Well, what can one say after such brilliant data presentation ? My friend just sighed and cracked a joke.
A very cruel joke, I thought.
He said, “Eto OBC niye ki hobe? Ei OBCgulo komeo na keno?” (“What does one do with so many OBC’s? Why don’t these OBC’s reduce in number?“)