I HATE alcohol, and people who go on about its merits. ‘Wine Connoiseur‘?? Fuck off!!!! You’re no better than a ganja addict, RETARD! And you haven’t one-tenth his guts.

Can anyone here tell me what they gain by drinking themselves to dumbness? ‘COOLNESS“???? How can a person who cannot string two proper words in the correct grammatical sequence be “KEWL“, whatever that means?

And I don’t see why a person is admired for being able to ‘carry his drink‘, as the phrase goes. It’s like diabetics competing in a sweet-eating-race, to see who can survive longer. Dumb, really.

It’s a mad world, where violent people, and drunkards, are treated as HEROES. And it’s not a good ‘mad’. It’s a very very BAD sort of ‘MAD’.