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I won’t bore you with all those biophysicochemicophilosophical explanations of my dreams and desires that I am so adept at providing.

Instead, check out the following wonderful line from PINK FLOYD’s ‘Learning to Fly’ that so succinctly summarizes the essence of my pathetic existence in this Universe:

“Can’t keep my Eyes from the Circling Skies,
Tongue-tied and Twisted
Just an Earth-Bound Misfit……..


Protein Synthesis

Confused? No? Well, I tried hard enough, anyway. Put in a greater effort naming this than in creating the posts here. And that’s saying something.

[For those who are still lost: Protein synthesis is also known as translation.]


Rhyme without Reason

My rather pathetic efforts at structured poetry. But I am indebted to them for teaching me atleast one thing about myself that I should’ve known, and didn’t.

I can not work under any limitations of form or structure.


Myths Ahoy!

This section is devoted to one of my favourite subjects – Mythology. It will contain essays that I will write when I come across something new (for me) in that sphere that I wanted to share, or just for fun.

(Actually, it already contains something. Do check it out.)


This section contains random thoughts I have penned down, typed or otherwise documented. I post these purely because, though random, these thoughts form a part of me. A very important part, in fact. Which is why I do not want to risk these getting lost.

Warning: Do NOT read further if you are a sane person and wish to remain in that state of mind. Otherwise, welcome to my world.
The Unnamed

Ideas for a story I do not intend to write.
Music to My Ears
*under construction*